Universal Hitch Pet Twist Step for SUVs

Universal Hitch Pet Twist Step for SUVsUniversal Hitch Pet Twist Step for SUVsUniversal Hitch Pet Twist Step for SUVs
Universal Hitch Pet Twist Step for SUVs
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Officially Licensed Heininger Product
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Product Description

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Twist Step is an instant, multi-use step that helps your dog get in and out of your SUV easily.

Having trouble getting your furry friend into the back of your SUV? Then you need the Heininger PortablePet TwiStep for SUVs!

This is an instant, multi-use step that will provide better access to the back of your SUV. It attaches security to the hitch receiver of your vehicle and stores under the bumper when not in use. This version will fit both 1.25" and 2" receivers.

In addition to being a step for your pet, it also provides people with a sturdy platform to help load items onto a rack or canopy, as well as a seat at the back of the vehicle to don hiking or ski boots, waders, cleats, or other sports gear.

This step is simple to use, effortless to stow and easy to install. It will hold up to 400lbs on a class III hitch, making it very stable and durable. It features a corrosion-resistant coating, has minimal effect on ground clearance and comes with a 2 year warranty. You absolutely need this for your SUV!

PLEASE NOTE: NOTE: The TWISTEP will fit many SUV's. If you are trying to install the TWISTEP on a 2006-2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade or some Nissan Pathfinders you will need to call our customer support for an additional bracket.


Comes Fully AssembledAttaches to 1.25" to 2" Hitch Receiver
Holds up to 400 lbsHas a Grip Top
Size: 21" x 18"


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