Hand Siphon Pump and Hose for Oil Gas Water

Hand Siphon Pump and Hose for Oil Gas Water
Hand Siphon Pump and Hose for Oil Gas Water
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Easily pump and transfer oil, water or gasoline with the Universal Hand Siphon!

The Universal Hand Siphon will allow you to pump and liquids efficiently and effectively. A siphon will come in handy if you find yourself needing to purify or transfer liquids. This siphon will prevent either the bottom (dregs) or the top (foam and floaters) of liquids from being transferred out of one container into another. Some practical applications include fermenting wine and beer as well as transferring water, gasoline or oil.

This siphon features an easy to use system consisting of a delivery hose, a stop cap, a squeeze grip for comfort and a suction pipe. Each unit is oil, acid, alkali and cold proof, so you'll be able to use it in just about any situation.

Make sure to grab one of these handy siphons to keep in your car, garage or workshop!


Length: 24"Oil, Acid, Alkali & Cold Proof
Easy to Use System - Hose, Stop Cap, Squeeze Grip & Suction PipeIdeal for Use w/ Water, Oil & Gasoline
Great for Transferring Liquids Without Contaminating Containers


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