Heininger GarageMate VersaShelf 3 Shelves Flat Tool Holder And 4 Pocket Shelves

Heininger GarageMate VersaShelf
Heininger GarageMate VersaShelf
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Officially Licensed Heininger Product
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Product Description

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This set of 3 interlocking shelves is the perfect addition to your garage. It will keep your tools and supplies in order, while making them easily accessible.

Organize anything with these 3 interlocking shelves!

These are perfect to install in your workshop, garage, laundry room, pantry or storage area. The shelves are easy to mount between open studs (16-inches on center), on pegboard or a flat wall surface.

Made of durable chemical and weather resistant plastic, this is a simple and affordable way to organize and clean up your work area.

This set comes with 3 shelves: standard flat, tool holder, and four pocket.


Comes with 3 Shelves Perfect for the garage or workshop
Easy Installation on Pegboards, Flat Wall, or Open Studs Made in the USA


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(1) Standard Flat Shelf
(1) Tool Holder Shelf
(1) Four Pocket Shelf
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