12pc Alligator Electrical Clip Set

12pc Alligator Electrical Clip Set
12pc Alligator Electrical Clip Set
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Supplement electrical needs with the 12pc 2" Alligator Clips!

The 12pc 2 inch Alligator Clips are a great addition to your electrical tool collection. These clips feature insulated rubber grips and are color coated for easy identification. Clips designated with red grips are (+), and black are (-).

Each clip is constructed of nickel-plated steel, and are 2 inch in length. Unlimited uses for these clips include electrical, craft, hobby, home and more.

Keep a set of these in your house or workshop for electrical and organization projects!


Nickel-Plated Steel Insulated Rubber Grips
Color-coated for Easy Identification Red: (+)
Black: (-) Size: 2 inch | 5.08 cm


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(6) Black Alligator Clips
(6) Red Alligator Clips
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