94pc Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

94 Piece Deluxe Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit in Bag94 Piece Deluxe Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit Belt Cutter in Action
94 Piece Deluxe Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit in Bag
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Product Description

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94 piece emergency roadside assistance kit for any survival situation!

The 94pc Deluxe Auto Emergency Kit will ensure you and your family's safety in just about any auto emergency situation.

Compiled neatly into a carry all utility bag, these emergency items will come in handy whether your car breaks down or you have a more serious accident. Each kit comes with 1 glow stick, 7 LED headlamp, and safety vest. Perfect for gaining attention on a dark road in the middle of the night.

To stay warm there is 2 hand warmers, 2 emergency ponchos, and 2 emergency mylar blankets; these will keep you dry and warm while you wait for assistance. 6 bandages and 4 compressed towels are provided in case of any injuries, spills, or messes. The gloves are provided for protection when touching glass or harmful chemicals.

In case you find yourself under water, we've also included an emergency hammer/window punch. It features a bright orange color so it's easy to find in the dark. The emergency rescue knife is the ultimate tool in car accident situations because it features a window punch, seat belt cutter, and a blade.

A siphon, ratchet screwdriver set, and auto fuse kit are provided to assist in car repairs. In addition, a 25 pack of zip ties can be used in case of necessity.

Make sure to keep one of these kits in your vehicle at all times to ensure your safety and visibility in case of an emergency while on the road!

Please note: colors and contents may vary.


Dimensions of Tool Bag: 12" x 10" x 8" Convenient Carry Handle
Easy Storage Emergency Rescue Knife & Hammer Punch
Neon Safety Vest for Added Visibility Bright Glowstick
Super Bright 7 LED Headlamp for Hands-free Light Source Mylar Blankets & Hand Warmers to Keep You Warm While Waiting for Assistance
Bandages to Keep Minor Cuts & Scrapes Clean Compressed Towels to Wipe Up Spills
Ideal for Keeping in Your Car, Boat, or RV


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(1) Utility Tool Bag
(1) Emergency Rescue Knife
(24) Auto Fuses
(16) Ratchet Screwdriver Set
(1) Siphon
(1) Glow Stick
(2) Mylar Blankets
(1) 7 LED Headlamp w/ (3) Replacement Batteries
(4) Compressed Towels
(2) Hand Warmers
(1) Emergency Hammer/Window Punch
(1) Safety Vest
(6) Bandages
(2) Ponchos
(25) Zip Ties
(1) Pair of Gloves
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