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Meet the world's first wireless, hands-free and license plate frame based parking sensor with a mobile app.

The FenSens Type S App View Solar Powered Parking Sensor is an excellent, easy to install upgrade for improving driving safety. After the initial charge, the Parking Sensor will effortlessly recharge with natural daylight, removing the need for a wired power source. Intelligent, G-Sensor Technology maximizes power draw efficiencies when not in use, minimizing battery drain. The FenSens Type S Drive App provides visual and audio alerts to keep drivers safer behind the wheel.

Product is a universal fit for al license plate vehicle types, including European, US, Motorcycle, RV, and Utility Trailers in this compact one-size fits all model.


App can launch with Siri and Google Voice Commands using the G Sensor TechnologyUltrasonic parking sensors provide audio and visual alerts on your app. Smart parking sensor mounts on front and/or back of your vehicle
Weather proof for long-lasting use and completely wireless for simple installation | Solar powered for unlimited rechargeAvailable for iOS (4s + iOS7.1+ preferred) and Android (5.0 with 4.4 software+) smartphones
Powered by Bluetooth Wireless connectivity


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(1) FenSens Type S License Plate Frame with Sensors
(1) Quick Connect Sync Button
(1) Phone Mount
(1) Anti-Theft Screw Kit
(1) Battery Set
(1) User Manual
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