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Keep your GPS or entertainment device within arms-reach at all times with the CommuteMate Adjustable Mat Stand! Makes for a safer and more entertaining commute.

The CommuteMate Mat Stand is designed to securely hold your cell phone or GPS device in a mounted dashboard display. Featuring an anti-skid mat, this mount will secure to most dashboards, even ones with a slope!

Once mounted, the Mat Stand will allow for a more visible display of your device without obstructing your windshield view. It is compatible with most GPS devices and most popular cell phones.

The Mat Stand is easily removable and portable from one vehicle to another. Simply adjust the mount horizontally or vertically for your preferred viewing angle. It can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

This stand is ideal for hands free communication, music and navigation on any road trip or commute!


Compatible with most cell phones, GPS units, mp3 players, and satellite radios Installs in seconds with no tools required
Mount adjusts vertically or horizontally for preferred viewing angle Anti-Skid Mat secures device to the contour of your dash board
Ideal for hands free phone calls, music, and navigation


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