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Car Organizer with tissue box features a multi-pocket storage solution. Great for cleaning up your car, road trips, kid, pets, and more.

Reduce car clutter and organize all your road trip essentials with the Universal Car Organizer Seat Back Compartment Travel Accessory Holder. This handy nylon car seat back organizer hangs on the back of your seat and stores all your music, videos and games within reach. This is one of those car accessories you won't want to live without.

This backseat organizational center is build to last, made with heavy duty polyester it will stand up to everyday use.

The Auto Backseat organizational center easily attaches to the headrest making installation a breeze.


Adjustable Buckle Design, Universal Fit Multi-Pocket Storage Solution
Large mesh pocket to place your maps or magazines Material: Heavy Duty Polyester
Easily Attaches to Headrest Size: 11" x 20" x 3" (WHD)


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