6pc Elastic Bungee Cord with Ball Ends

Bungee Ball Cords SetBungee Ball Cords Single
Bungee Ball Cords Set
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Organize, store and bundle just about anything with the 6pc Ball Bungee Cord Set!

The 6pc Ball Bungee Cord Set is a great addition to any home, office or garage. Each set comes with 6 ball bungee cords, which have endless storage and organization uses!

Each cord is about 5 inch long, the perfect size for bundling extension cords, fire kindling, tying down equipment and more! The black color will fit with just about anything, and they are constructed of durable plastic, rubber and cord.

Make sure to grab a set of these to keep around your house!


6 Piece Set Color: Black
Ideal for Use at Home, Office, Garage & More Length of Cord: 5 inch | 12.7 cm


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(6) Ball Bungee Cords
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