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Keep your favorite CDs organized in the car with the Universal Auto Accessories 12 CD Visor Holder! This holder is elastic and therefore will fit to most visors

The Universal Auto Accessories 12 CD Visor Holder is great for commuters or bringing along a road trip. With a capacity of 12 CDs, you'll be able to keep your favorite discs within arm's reach, whether it's your favorite soundtrack or a movie for the kids to watch in the back.

Constructed of durable material, this CD holder will keep your discs clean and organized. These pouches can also be used to hold cash, change, ticket stubs and much more.

Make sure to keep one of these in your car for easy access to your favorite CDs!


Capacity: 12 CDs Ideal for Commuting, Road Trips, and More
Keep Entertainment w/in Arm's Reach Durable Material


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